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Cheap Game Used – Alfonso Soriano

Player’s Name: Alfonso Soriano

Player’s Position: OF/2B

Player’s Current Team: Chicago Cubs (Pictured with the Washington Nationals)

Price I Paid for the Card: I paid $0.50 on eBay .

Set it’s from: 2006 SPx Winning Materials

What it’s Worth:Beckett has it listed as an unlisted star, it lists for $10.00. As you can see though, it can be had for less.

Why I like this card: I never stopped liking him, even though the Yankees traded him for A-Rod.  He was one of the players, that when I got back into collecting, I had decided that he was going to be one of my targets for game used materials.  He has never really had a bad season, even though he had some bad situations.  I don’t think he’s going to show the wheels he once had, but I can definitely see him continuing his home run pace of about 35 a year.  He has a nice batting average (around 0.280 for his career), which is amazing given his penchant for striking out as much as he does.  At some point when he is older you are going to see some 0.240 averages, just because at some point he won’t be able to catch up to those fast balls.

Why it’s a Cheap Hit: There are tons of these cards on the market. I have at least 20-30 of them (not Soriano mind you) but of that variety.  Even still, it is Soriano, the guy hasn’t really had a bad season yet in his career (knocking on wood) and yet, he is not as cherrished as a Pujols or A-Rod.  I think the K’s are what turns poeple off of him, but whatever, 50 cents for the card is a bargain.  I am not sure whether he is Hall of Fame worthy at this point, since he still has over 250 more homers to go and he is 32.  We would have to see a sustained jump in his homer totals to get him to that HOF level.  And to think he was just wasting away in the Japanese League when the Yankee found him.

Will it Ever be Worth Anything More than an unlisted star?: Probably not, but hey it’s a Soriano card, and he had a 40-40 year.  Not too many guys can say they did that.


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