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Cheap Game Used – Alex Rios

Player’s Name: Alex Rios

Player’s Position: OF

Player’s Current Team: Toronto Blue Jays

Price I Paid for the Card: I got this card off of eBay for 75 cents.

Set it’s from: 2007 Bowman Sterling

What it’s Worth: Beckett has it listed for $10.00.

Why I like this card: Alex is only 26 years old and already has two All Star appearances.  He was slowly becoming a good hitter, but really put it all together last year when he went 0.297/24/85/17.  This year many “experts” expect big things out of him.  What I don’t like is that, besides the shot of his back and butt, we don’t get to see his face.  I thought that was the whole point of cards.  Why have a card that doesn’t show you the player’s face.  Is it that horrific? The other thing I like about this card is the black Jersey swatch.  usually you get a grey or white one.  It’s nice to see a strange color every once in a while.

Why it’s a Cheap Hit: Well 75 cents for this card is a great price.  Not only did I end up getting a solid up and commer, but who knows?  Maybe he will take off this year and hit 30 homers. He is off to a slow start this year only going 0.306/2/14 over the first month, but his homer totals always start peaking in late May / early June so keep your eyes open for that.  I think over time if he continues to hit his stride in the bigs, his card might go up, but I think he would have to switch markets to see a dramatic rise in his card values.

Will if ever be worth more? No, I don’t think so. Other than his rookie cards, none of his recent cards have been sought after.  Maybe in the long term we might see some change but I tend to think that his current pricing might remain his only pricing.


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Cheap Game Used – Vlad Guerrero / Alfonso Soriano

Players Names: Vladimir Guerrero / Alfonso Soriano

Players Positions: OF – Guerrero / 2B – Soriano

Players Current Teams: California Angels (Guerrero) and Chicago Cubs (Pictured with the Texas Rangers, Soriano)

Price I Paid for the Card: I paid $1.25 on eBay

Set it’s from: 2005 Fleer Authentix

What it’s Worth: Beckett has it listed for $15.00, but as you can see I got it much cheaper on eBay.

Why I like this card: What’s not to like? You get two of the premier hitters in the league jerseys on the same card.  Both are on their way to the Hall of Fame. Vlad in 13 seasons has 2000 hits and 368 home runs. Where as Soriano, who has 231 homers and 231 stolen bases in 10 years, including a 40/40 season may not be a shoe in, but he has some nice credentials.  Plus I love the design of this card.  It’s meant to look like a ticket and actually Steve from White Sox Cards blog wrote about this on Things done to sports cards blog.  But what I really like about this card is the dueling players in the middle of their peaks, and a swatch of jersey from both of them.

Why it’s a Cheap Hit: To players at the peaks of their careers, both are monster hitters and I get both of their jerseys on one card!  I’ll buy this card up all day at a buck and change a pop.  You can’t tell me that when they are all done with baseball, this card won’t be worth more.  It has to be right?  I don’t do prospecting but I would be floored if this card doesn’t go up in value.

Will it Ever be Worth Anything More that a Minor Star?: Damn I hope so!  Can it ever be worth less than what I paid for it?  I doubt it, but if one or both of these guys head to the Hall of Fame, shouldn’t this card’s price go up?  I would think so.

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Cheap Game Used – Eric Gagne


Player’s Name: Eric Gagne

Player’s Position: P – Closer

Player’s Current Team: Milwaukee Brewers (pictured with LA Dodgers)

Price I Paid for the Card: $0.50 purchased on eBay.

Set it’s from: 2003 Fleer Inscribed

What it’s Worth: Beckett has it listed as a minor star and listed at $10. As you can see though it can be purchased on eBay for quite a bit less.
Why I like this card: Who doesn’t like a guy who wears kookie gogles?  I just always liked Gagne as a Dodger.  Between 2002 and 2004 he was the best and most consistent closer in baseball. As far as the steroids go, I don’t know what to say.  I know he wasn’t a very good starter, but what a closer huh?  He does fit the lassic steroid burnout model of peaking for 3 years, then suffering a terrible injury and now he is working his way back from it.  This year, he’ll be in Milwaukee, away from the spot light of Texas and Boston.  Maybe he can just do his thing.  Also I like the “Today is the greatest day . . . ” pose and speech he is doing on this card.

Why it’s a Cheap Hit: There was a period of time where he was it as far as closers go.  He was even better than Mariano in my mind and that’s saying a lot since I am a Yankee fan.  I wanted a jersey card of him and got it for a sick low price.  I know his name has been dragger around in the mud for a while now, but really? 50 cents? It may never be worth a lot of money, but it will be worth something to me.  I love finding these cheap cards on eBay and showing them to you.  Sometimes I wonder if there are others like me who remember fondly a guy for 2 or 3 years, even if he wasn’t good after those years.

Will it Ever be Worth Anything More than a minor star?: Not a chance, but it doesn’t matter to me, I got this card because I was such a big fan of Gange.

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Cheap Game Used – Todd Helton


Player’s Name: Todd Helton

Player’s Position: 1B

Player’s Current Team: Colorado Rockies

Price I Paid for the Card: $0.99, it was from an eBay auction.

Set it’s from: 2002 Fleer eX

What it’s Worth: Beckett has the card listed as a minor star and as such it’s worth $8.00.

Why I like this card: Love the pinstripe, but why the heck is it running side to side?  All I can think of is that maybe it’s part of the shoulder? Or maybe I’m just thinking to hard on this one.  When Todd came out of the University of Tennessee in 1995, it was widely expected that he make the pros quickly (2 years) and to be a force for quite a few years.  There are many people out there that believe that he was on steroids. That may or may not be true, but what I do see is his stats trailing off as he exited his prime years.  This is not uncommon at all, and actually what is weird is his batting average hasn’t taken a hit.  He is hitting in the 0.320s now instead of 0.360s but still over an eleven year career he has a 0.332 average. Which when you think about how good pitching is now a days is ridiculous. I think he still has many good years left in him and at some point, as long as his body holds up, he is going to get to the 3000 hit plateau, although 500 home runs seems like a stretch.

Why it’s a Cheap Hit: Todd may have been one of the more sought after players at the turn of the century, but times have changed quite a bit and now, although he does put up some great numbers year after year, he’s just a minor star.  It seems silly to me that someone who will eventually land in the Hall of Fame, would have a card of this caliber in the $1 bin. One thing that has always bothered me about Todd is the fact he has no chin, I think that’s why he grew that serious goatee.  I think though it looks ridiculous on him, and makes him kind of cavemansih.

Will it Ever be Worth Anything More than a Minor Star?: Possibly if he makes the Hall of Fame, but his best days are behind him now and it seems like a stretch to think his cards are going to go up.

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Cheap Game Used: Paul O’Neill


Player’s Name: Paul O’Neill

Player’s Position: OF

Player’s Current Team: New York Yankees

Price I Paid for the Card: Paid $7 for a pack of SP Game Bat Edition. Each pack came with a card, this was the card I got.

Set it’s from: 2000 SP Game Bat Edition.
What it’s Worth: Beckett has it listed at $5 as an unlisted star. On eBay, I saw it listed for $1.99 but only one seller.

Why I like this card: Hey what can I say, I’m a Yankee fan and there isn’t much not to like about Paul O’Neill. He is what I call a real Yankee. He is someone who takes wins and loses for his team very seriously. There were a lot of these kinds of players on the team in the late 90s. We had Tino, Chuck, Wade, Derek, Bernie, Jorge, Wetteland, Mariano, tese were real Yankees, the guys that lived and died by the team. The Yankees of today are just a bunch of mercenaries with no cohesion. When you think of O’Neill, I think of his swing and that’s why I like having a piece of his bat.

Why it’s a Cheap Hit: It’s the fact I paid about the same amount for the pack then the card was worth. For this set, every hobby pack that you bought contained a bat or jersey card. It was a very good deal at the time, because you knew you were going to get a relic card with every pack. Unfortunately what you don’t realize is that every player is represented, so even the scrubs, which I had gotten plenty of. The O’Neill hit was one of two that I liked from this set, the other was Canseco, which was traded to Mario over at Wax Heaven.

Will it Ever be Worth Anything More than an Unlisted Star Common?: Should it be? Yes, but the real question is Will it be? Sadly I think not. Why is his card not worth more? He was always a well liked player who wore his emotions on his sleeves.

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