Bad Hits

Cheap Game Used – Josh Beckett

Player’s Name: Josh Beckett

Player’s Position: P – Starter

Player’s Current Team: Boston Red Sox (Pictured with the Florida Marlins)

Price I Paid for the Card: I paid $0.99 on eBay

Set it’s from: 2005 Fleer Skybox

What it’s Worth: Beckett has it listed for $15.00, but as you can see I got it much cheaper on eBay.

Why I like this card: I know, I know it’s another Red Sox guy. You know I hate them, but at least I respect them. Actually Beckett was along the Rich Harden line of player. He was one of those hard throwing guys, you just knew would do well in the pros. Unfortunately for Josh he started out on the Marlins. At least he got to play on some good teams (pre-fire sale). I still think he throws incorrectly, because he gets too many blisters and sore shoulders, I think he uses too much arm and not enough leg in his delivery. I think some day he might go down as an elite pitcher, and if last year’s stats are any indicator I think he has a nice road ahead of him, but he’s got to become smarter at his delivery.

Why it’s a Cheap Hit: OK he was average with the Marlins and it wasn’t until he got on a winning team (the Red Sox) did he do anything with his talent. I don’t think he is Hall of Fame material, he may never hit 200 wins let alone 300. But he is going to be remembered for winning a couple of World Series and beating some great Yankee teams. If you can get all that in a jersey swatch for less than a dollar, I don’t see how you can go wrong.

Will it Ever be Worth Anything More that a Minor Star?: No, and since he probably won’t be a Hall of Fame pitcher, he may never even make it to semi star status.


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Cheap Game Used – Pedro Martinez

Player’s Name: Pedro Martinez

Player’s Position: P – Starter

Player’s Current Team: New York Mets (Pictured with the Boston Red Sox)

Price I Paid for the Card: I paid $0.99 on eBay

Set it’s from: 2002 Fleer Platinum

What it’s Worth: Beckett has it listed for $15.00, but as you can see I got it much cheaper on eBay.

Why I like this card: First off, I hate Pedro Martinez, yep I said it.  I hate him because he is a Yankee killer plain and simple.  I don’t discredit the fact that for a 14 year stretch, he was one of the most dominating pitchers in baseball.  It’s just that he played for the Red Sox and was (for a while) public enemy number one for Yankee fans.  I like the card because it is of him as a Red Sox, and I think that’s where he became Hall of Fame worthy.  You might scoff at me for even thinking that he was HOF worthy, but the numbers are simple.  He has 209 wins, a career ERA of 2.81, a career WHIP of 1.03 and 3031 strikeouts which puts him 15th all time. Now couple that with his 3 Cy Youngs, 3rd all time in win – loss percentage, 3rd all time in WHIP, 5th all time in hits/9 innings, 3rd all time in strikeouts/9 innings, . . . starting to get the picture?

Why it’s a Cheap Hit: He was arguably one of the most dominant pitchers of the 90’s and early 00’s.  He is probably a first ballot Hall of Famer and I got this card for 99 cents.  I think when we look back on this period he is going to be one of the few pitchers we remember, Shilling, Clemens, Santana and Martinez.  When we start looking back we are going to see his card prices increase and this will look like a steal.

Will it Ever be Worth Anything More that a Semi Star?: No, but I do think when he gets into the Hall of Fame his card prices will go up.  Just ask Goose Gossage.

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Cheap Game Used – Curt Schilling


Player’s Name: Curt Schilling

Player’s Position: P

Player’s Current Team: Red Sox

Price I Paid for the Card: 99 cents on eBay plus $3 shipping.

Set it’s from: 2005 Donruss Prime Patches

What it’s Worth: Beckett has it listed as a semi star numbered to 150, so it’s worth $8.

Why I like this card: First off is that Schilling or Clemens? I consider myself a baseball fan and I like to think I know the players, but that looks a lot like Clemens. I know it’s not, the absence of the bloody sock I guess is what threw me. I got this card, because it’s ludicrous to me as to why a Schilling game used card would go for 99 cents on eBay? As much as I can’t stand the guy, he in my mind is a future Hall of Famer. Any time I can pick up a game used card of a future HOFer for 99 cents I do it every time. Even if I hate his team and even if I hate him. What is odd about this card is that the jersey is not centered properly and you can see where it ends in the card. I’m positive that it makes his card worth less, but either way, this is still a nice card and a very nice hit I got on the cheap.

Why it’s a Cheap Hit: 99 cents, think about that, a box of this goes for $160 on ebay, and you are guaranteed 8 inserts (autographs or game used), only 12 cards in a box. That works out to $13.33 a card or $20 an insert and your telling me the Schilling is only worth 99 cents? You know what I have to say? Do you have any more? That is dirt cheap for a card like that and you know it. Schilling is still a collectible player out there and maybe some day if he gets in the all it might be worth more. But let me pose this question to you, if you’re a Yankee fan and a card collector and you see one of these babies for 99 cents, do you do it? OK you may not have and I understand that. But me, yeah I’d take that hit.

Will it Ever be Worth Anything More than an Unlisted Common?: Tough to say, given the nature of his cards right now, and the fact that pitchers seldom gain value, I’m going to say probably not, but what happens if he wins a Cy Young Award this year, or ends up the MVP of the World Series? I think it has a better chance than Ron Gant’s card.

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Bad Autograph – Sean Casey


Player’s Name: Sean Casey
Player’s Position: 1B

Player’s Current Team: Boston Red Sox
Price I Paid for the Card: Paid $1 at a card show in Freehold, NJ.

Set it’s from: 1999 Upper Deck SP.
What it’s Worth: Beckett has it listed at $8 as an unlisted common. On eBay, I saw it listed for $15 but only one seller.

Why I like this card: In 1999, I saw Sean as one of those up and coming players. He had limited time in the majors, but in 1999 he became the starting first baseman for the Reds. He rewarded them by putting up a 0.332/25/99 season. I was hooked. I saw him progressing into another one of those 30 – 40 HR type first basemen. Well unfortunately he never really developed into that guy. I wasn’t even sure if he was still playing (I had to check the Boston roster), sure enough he listed under Youkillis on the first base depth chart. I have to say though when he was in his prime I loved putting him on my fantasy team because he always had a decent batting average and had some pop.

Why it’s a Bad Hit: He started off as such a good power hitter, but curtailed off right as the whole steroid thing popped up. He just never lived up to that 1999 season. Also if you look carefully at this card, you’ll notice the sloppy autograph (unlike Mike Lowell’s). Not only that, but he must have been using a thick Sharpie and this must have been one of the last autographs. since the signing is so wide and it appears as though the ink is starting to run out.

Will it Ever be Worth Anything More than an Unlisted Common?: With only 1500 hits and 130 homers and he is past his prime years. It’s not going up unless the Sox win the Series and Sean is the MVP. So in short, NO.

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Bad Game Used – Manny Ramirez


Player’s Name: Manny Ramirez

Player’s Position: OF

Player’s Current Team: Boston Red Sox

Price I Paid for the Card: $1.99 for the pack of cards it came in.

Set it’s from: 2008 Topps Series one

What it’s Worth: I would consider it an unlisted star and last year’s Topps Highlights Relics run about $10.00 according to Beckett. It is listed on eBay and is going for $8.00 consistently.

Why I like this card: Manny has always been one of the go to guys in collecting, so when I opened a pack and found this card in there, I was blown away. The odds in hitting this card was 1:244, but oddly enough it was not serially numbered. When I see Manny doing anything I like to think of what he thinks about. So for this picture I was thinking, Manny during the at bat:

Manny (inner voice): That lunch sure was good, maybe I’ll go there tomorrow.

Manny (inner voice): I’ve really been feeling tired lately, sure hope skip sits me for a day of rest soon.

Manny (inner voice): I wonder what kind of spread they’ll have for after the game.

Manny (inner voice): My dreads are getting long, I really should get them shortened.

Manny (inner voice): That stupid kid just threw me a fastball, doesn’t he know Manny loves to hit fastballs.

I remember when I played baseball and my mind was 100% focused on the game and the situations around me. Somehow, I think if Manny were to do that, his game would get screwed up. Maybe it’s just best for Manny to be Manny.

Why it’s a Bad Hit: Thanks to a market that has been completely flooded with game used cards, this card is worth the base minimum. You could probably get it on eBay for $4 if you really set your mind and sniper account to it. I put this as a bad hit because you would think it would be worth more. You have one of the more dominant players in baseball, in the World Series and it’s his jersey. I can’t even tell you how excited I was to find this card in a pack. I thought for sure it would be worth at least $50, boy was I let down when I found out the price.

Will it Ever be Worth Anything More than an Unlisted Star Common?: Maybe if Manny is put into the Hall of Fame but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything for card prices now a days. I guess in short probably not.

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