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Cheap Game Used – Vlad Guerrero / Alfonso Soriano

Players Names: Vladimir Guerrero / Alfonso Soriano

Players Positions: OF – Guerrero / 2B – Soriano

Players Current Teams: California Angels (Guerrero) and Chicago Cubs (Pictured with the Texas Rangers, Soriano)

Price I Paid for the Card: I paid $1.25 on eBay

Set it’s from: 2005 Fleer Authentix

What it’s Worth: Beckett has it listed for $15.00, but as you can see I got it much cheaper on eBay.

Why I like this card: What’s not to like? You get two of the premier hitters in the league jerseys on the same card.  Both are on their way to the Hall of Fame. Vlad in 13 seasons has 2000 hits and 368 home runs. Where as Soriano, who has 231 homers and 231 stolen bases in 10 years, including a 40/40 season may not be a shoe in, but he has some nice credentials.  Plus I love the design of this card.  It’s meant to look like a ticket and actually Steve from White Sox Cards blog wrote about this on Things done to sports cards blog.  But what I really like about this card is the dueling players in the middle of their peaks, and a swatch of jersey from both of them.

Why it’s a Cheap Hit: To players at the peaks of their careers, both are monster hitters and I get both of their jerseys on one card!  I’ll buy this card up all day at a buck and change a pop.  You can’t tell me that when they are all done with baseball, this card won’t be worth more.  It has to be right?  I don’t do prospecting but I would be floored if this card doesn’t go up in value.

Will it Ever be Worth Anything More that a Minor Star?: Damn I hope so!  Can it ever be worth less than what I paid for it?  I doubt it, but if one or both of these guys head to the Hall of Fame, shouldn’t this card’s price go up?  I would think so.


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