Bad Hits

Bad Game Used – Michael Bush

Player’s Name: Michael Bush

Player’s Position: RB

Player’s Current Team: Oakland Raiders

Price I Paid for the Card: Got it in a pack for $2.99 bought at Target.

Set it’s from: 2007 Playoff Absolute Memoribilia

What it’s Worth: Beckett has it listed for $8.00, but I don’t understand why.

Why I like this card: Well, I guess I like it because it has a jersey swatch.  What’s cheesy though is the fact it isn’t actually game worn, it’s an event worn jersey.  This is where the card industry has become a bit weaselly. The create events for the rookies, make them wear jerseys so they can cut them up and put them into cards.  I mean I understand why, Michael Bush had no chance of seeing the field last year.  He is behind Fargas, Rhodes, Jordan and now possibly McFadden.  Can you say expendable?  There isn’t a whole lot to like about this card other than the fact, it’s a running back and a rookie, with a piece of pseudo used jersey in it.

Why it’s a Bad Hit: If he came out after his senior season, I think he would have done better in the NFL.  Instead he jumped early because of the injury and now is mired in the underbelly of the NFL.  He is the kind of player you expect to find in an arena near you one day (arena football) of maybe play a bit north of the border.  To be honest though, he may not be cut out for either of those leagues.  The injury definitely hampered him, but he has good guys to learn from, real working class running backs.  So let’s see what he can do in season 2.0.

Will it Ever be Worth Anything More that a Common?: No, he just is a fringe NFL player at best.  Look for this card in a dollar bin near you.


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