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Cheap Game Used – Howie Kendrick

Player’s Name: Howie Kendrick

Player’s Position: Infielder

Player’s Current Team: Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

Price I Paid for the Card: I paid $0.10 on eBay .

Set it’s from: 2006 SPx Winning Materials

What it’s Worth:Beckett has it listed as an unlisted minor star, it lists for $8.00. As you can see though, it can be had for less.

Why I like this card:This was kind of a speculation for me. In 2006, I saw that he was playing for the Angels, not exactly tearing it up, but hit the ball real well and got on base a lot. His minor league numbers pegged him as a 15-15 guy that could hit in the 0.280s. I thought that over time, he might be able to make the leap to the next level. He was only 22 at the time and even this year, he is till quite young at the age of 24. At some point I do believe that he has the talent to make the leap, it might be over the next 2 years, but I do believe that if given time and proper instruction, this guy could be a 20-20 guy hitting 0.300. He is still a work in progress and I hope he makes it.

Why it’s a Cheap Hit: I figured at 10 cents and shipping, it was worth taking a flyer on a 22 year old. I am not upset at myself for doing it, like I said, I do believe he has potential. I think any game used card that can be had for 10 cents is worth it. I can’t think of any player (including Ryan Leaf) that it wouldn’t be worth it. Well, maybe a middle releiver who only pitched in 2 major league games, of maybe a manager’s jersey. Those are the two that come to mind.

Will it Ever be Worth Anything More than an unlisted minor star?: Personally, I think it will. He is so young, and is doing so well, I can’t see he not doing well once he enters his peak years of 26-32. At least I have my fingers crossed.


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