Bad Hits

Bad Game Used – Dontrelle Willis


Player’s Name: Dontrelle Willis

Player’s Position: P

Player’s Current Team: Detroit Tigers (pictured with the Florida Marlins).

Price I Paid for the Card: $19.99 for the blaster box purchased at Walmart.

Set it’s from: 2008 Upper Deck Series one

What it’s Worth: Since the 2008 Upper Deck hasn’t been priced yet, I’ll go from last year’s set and put him as a minor star worth $8.00.

Why I like this card: The D-Train has been one of my favorite pitchers for a while now.  I just like watching the way he pitches.  I still remember his rookie year in 2003 when he went 14-6/3.30/1.28 and won Rookie of the Year honors.  Sure he had a rough time in 2004, but in 2005 he was right back where he left off.  He went 22-10/2.63/1.13 and finished runner up to Cris Carpenter for the Cy Young award.  Some people seem to think that at the age of 26 he might be washed up after putting up back to back rough years for the Marlins in 2006 and 2007, but I’m not one of those people.  He’s only 26 and should be just entering the prime of his career.  In this case, A change of scenery might help with his game. Don’t forget now he has won 68 games in 5 years so on average he wins almost 14 games a year.  This is just one of a few D-Train jersey cards I have.

Why it’s a Bad Hit: I felt so ripped off when I finally got this card in the last pack of the blaster box.  I plunked down $20 and I was really hoping for something decent as my jersey card.  In 2004 this would have been one of the most sought after cards, but in 2008, it just isn’t. Just be aware that anytime you plunk down big bucks for an Upper Deck box, don’t expect to find a one of one card or even one of a superstar, as you will see as this blog continues, there are plenty of terrible cards I have gotten for the 2008 Upper Deck set.  Not all jersey cards are good ones, just see the Mike Sweeney one I got a few posts ago.  I think Mario even commented that every Mike Sweeney jersey card is a bad hit.  With D-Train though, there is a chance he can turn his career around.  I think since we are entering his prime it should go better for him in Detroit.
Will it Ever be Worth Anything More than an Unlisted Star?: At one point in his career, he might have been, but those days are gone (for now),Who knows? Stranger things have happened.


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