Bad Hits

Cheap Autographs – Adrian Beltre


Player’s Name: Adrian Beltre

Player’s Position: 3B

Player’s Current Team: Los Angeles Dodgers

Price I Paid for the Card: Paid $1 at a card show in Freehold, NJ.

Set it’s from: 1999 Upper Deck SP.
What it’s Worth: Beckett has it listed at $10 as an unlisted star. On eBay, I saw it listed for $13 but only one seller.

Why I like this card: I don’t have too many autographs but I like all the player’s whose autographs I like. We may never know Adrian’s true age but who cares when he bombs out homers at the rate he does. I don’t know what everyone was complaining about, when he stopped hitting massive amounts of homers. He was always a 0.260/25/80 guy. The 47 homer season (contract year) was an aberration or should I stay steroidation? Of course it wasduring the years of testing, but look at his stats it’s very Brady Anderson-esque.

Why it’s a Cheap Hit: 1 buck baby! I remember buying this one with the Lowell card. I was just looking for guys that were either rookies or showed some potential. You’ll see a few more of these as the days go by. For a brief time in 1999 and 2000 I got back into cards, but really it was just to get the autograph and relic cards. I decided that I didn’t have enough money to dive back into the hobby full strength, so I started looking for autographs and game used cards. Now back then the game used cards were worth a lot more than the autographs, now though, the autos are worth tons more than the relic cards (as a rule of thumb). I won’t call this one a bad hit at all, because the guy is actually not bad at all. He is only 29 and he has 219 homers. There is a distinct possibility that he can get to 500. I’m guessing though he’ll end up in the low 400’s.

Will it Ever be Worth Anything More than an Unlisted Star Common?: Not unless he goes over that magical 500 homer mark. I am not sure if that’s possible for him though. He hovers around the 25 homer mark and he’s need 12 more of those. Possible but not likely.


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  1. can u get me a cheap ichiro autograph

    Comment by bob bobburne | July 14, 2008 | Reply

  2. Define cheap? About $10 is about as low as I can find his stuff. For me, that’s not cheap.

    Comment by chemgod | July 14, 2008 | Reply

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