Bad Hits

Bad Game Used – Carlos Zambrano


Player’s Name: Carlos Zambrano

Player’s Position: P

Player’s Current Team: Chicago Cubs

Price I Paid for the Card: $3.99 for the pack of cards it came in.

Set it’s from: 2008 Upper Deck Series one

What it’s Worth: I would consider it an unlisted star common and last year’s Upper Deck Game Jersey cards run about $8.00 according to Beckett. It is listed on eBay and is going for $0.99 consistently.

Why I like this card: The Big Z is definitely the power pitcher of this decade. Who would have thought that between Kerry Wood, Mark Prior and Carlos Zambrano, that Carlos would walk away as the best pitcher in that group. I think the other two are more likable but Z is such a workhorse what’s not to like. The only thing I worry about with him is whether he can keep throwing 200+ innings every year, or if they are going to back him down a little now that they have so much invested in him. I also like the swatch of jersey on this card. It is actually stretched on the bottom left piece, almost as though he did that sliding or something. Or maybe this was the jersey he wore during his infamous fight with Michael Barret in the Cubby dugout. Barret just got a hold of it and ripped it a bit, and now I am the proud owner of a stretched out swatch of his jersey.

Why it’s a Bad Hit: He’s a pitcher and although he is one of the better pitchers in the league, there just aren’t many high priced cards of pitchers. Another awful thing about this card is his mug shot like picture. What the heck is wrong with Upper Deck for letting something like that hit a game used card. Upper Deck is known for their superior photos, but really that’s the best they could do for this card? He looks like you’ve just called him a derogatory name and now he has to kick your tail. Either that or they just asked him a math question and he is completely stumped. It’s definitely one of the two.

Will it Ever be Worth Anything More than an Unlisted Star Common?: What can I say, he is a pitcher and pitchers don’t make for high priced collectibles. If he becomes better than Johan Santana or actually hangs around long enough to win 300 games, possibly. But then again how likely are those two things happening? Not very so my answer to this is no.


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  1. That is an awesome card but I can’t stand Zambrano….how is it that he beats up his teammate and then the innocent guy gets traded away??

    Comment by Wax Heaven | March 7, 2008 | Reply

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